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There is a race between engineers and the universe

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There is a race between engineers and the universe

Dec 13, 2007
The engineers keep trying to make better foolproof devices and software, while the universe keeps trying to make better fools. So far, I think the universe is winning.

As mentioned in a previous blogposting, we have this nifty translation module for a multilanguage site. Basicly it means any part of the site can be translated. Sometimes, for this to work, it's required we add a dynamic parameter. We solve this, in my opinion, quite elegantly:
Code (php) (nieuw venster):
Hello there {username}, how are you?

Naturally, the {username} parts indicates a variable that's filled in automatically later on. Naturally, for you and me. Not so for those friendly people over at the company who hired us to make them a translatable site, who also translated our variables :'-(

Did I mention they want to go life after tomorrow and I just spend two hours in a meeting with them while I should be fixing code? :'-(

FragFrog out!

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