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Brain anatomy sketching time-lapse

May 11, 2013
A while ago, I posted a little program to create time-lapse movies with. That article (and the program) you can find here. So far, I mostly used it to create time-lapse movies of the outside world. It is beautiful to see nature chance, sometimes so fast, overnight.

With a few modifications, it is however also possible to create detailed time-lapse movies of other stuff, which gave me the idea to create time-lapse movies of sketching brain anatomy, inspired by the PhdComic's 2-minute-thesis. Of course, lighting becomes a problem when you are not filming outside, so I added a routine which first checks the basic background light level of an empty sheet of paper, then compensates with the inverse amount to create a uniform white background level to write on.

Next is some noise-reducing filtering (less light means more noise), and a few contrast enhancing techniques. The end result becomes something like this:

FragFrog out!

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