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(2016) Secretagogin expression delineates functionally-specialized populations of striatal parvalbumin-containing interneurons Garas, Farid N., et al. "Secretagogin expression delineates functionally-specialized populations of striatal parvalbumin-containing interneurons." eLife 5 (2016): e16088.

(2013) Electrophysiological characterization of striatal neurons through dynamic I-V curves

Artificial Intelligence

(2012) Online Reputation Management (With M. Damaschin, M. Gerontini, C. Imamoglu and C. Queva). We build an online reputation management tool, capable of extracting twitter data and performing Sentiment Analysis on it.

(2012) The IGoR Project (With Tobias Nilsen). The IGoR project demonstrates how a VoiceXML interface can be applied to a simple, single domain knowledge base.

(2012) Auditory User Interfaces reviewed. A short discussion on AUIs, with specific attention to VoiceXML, building dynamic voice applications and their possible use in the future.

(2012) Geolocation estimation through astronomical observation (with S. Elango). Using a particle filter to track solar and lunar movement for celestial navigation.

(2011) Solving the Sokoban problem (with M. Gerontini, R. Pana, A. Marzinotto). Analysis of different methods to solve the Sokoban-game problem.

(2011) Games and Information. An extensive review of the classic book in game theory by Eric Rasmusen.

(2011) Distinctive Image Features from Scale-Invariant Keypoints - Abstract. A short (six page) summary of this classic paper by Lowe on machine vision.

(2011) Multimodal integration through inhibition mediated phaselocking. Bachelor thesis on synaptic plasticity of cortical pyramidal neurons draft.

(2010) Particle Filter Optimalisation (with Erick Wilts). Experiment report on a localisation algorithm using a particle filter. Through parameter sweeps optimal deviation values are derived resulting in the succesfull localisation of a Pioneer robot.

(2010) Vector Based Path Planning (With Erick Wilts). Experiment report on a vector based path-planning algorithm. Using image and infrared distance sensors an Aibo robot obtains a list of attractors and repellors cumulating in an optimal path towards its goal.

(2009) Comparing Interference And Facilitation Models. A short comparison between two models attempting to explain both the Picture-Word-Interference effect and the Stroop effect.

(2009) Prisoners Dilemma (with Bastiaan Daems). Comparative research on different strategies for the classic game-theory prisoners dilemma.

(2009) Trading Agents (with Bastiaan Daems). Experiment report on a trading-agent implementation with focus on agent language and communication.

(2009) Multiple Output Echo State Networks (with Arjan Eising). Experiment report on an echo state neural network designed to yield multiple different output forms.

(2009) SSL/TLS Session-Aware User Authentication. A short review of this paper by R. Oppliger, R. Hauser and D. Basin discusses the proposed solution and notes possible obstacles and alternatives.

(2009) Solving the partition problem using a genetic algorithm. A method is reviewed where genetic algorithms are used to incrementally approach a possible solution to a classic problem: given an array of numbers, find a partitioning such that two heaps of equal size emerge. Using brute-force techniques, such a problem would mean computing the sizes of each heap for 2N possible combinations. While genetic algorithms may not always be able to ascertain the best solution has been found, they can generally find a good solution relatively quickly.


(2004) The IGM at high-redshifts: how and when did the dark age end?. Preliminary research on the epoch of reionisation using data from the new LOFAR array and existing papers.