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Frag's blog

Personal weblog where I write about various technology subjects when I encounter them.


Foto albums with scenes from travels, concerts and more.

An archeological / historic preservation news site I developed.


Chatbot capable of learning from input and crawling the web for new information.


A lightweight recursive forum I wrote several years ago - now discontinued and inhabited only by spambots.

Port Scanner

Webbased scanning utility to verify certain ports are open or closed. Useful for checking NAT configurations and verifying service accessibility.

Pirate Google

Static google interface page demonstrating the absurdity and futility of copyright organization attempts at banning sites such as the pirate bay.


Gamemasters' Mangos Editor. Client-server suite to manage Mangos servers.

BSH Bouwadvies

Company website for BSH Bouwadvies, a dutch engineering company.

Excalibur WoW

Excalibur WoW is a private World of Warcraft server running The Burning Crusade expansion.